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Zuccotti Park Portraits

Wayne Lawrence

“There has  been a growing feeling  of unrest in the past  several years. People  are uneasy about our  country’s ?nancial  situation, our country’s  future and what may  come of it. People are  angry, and this is the  result. What are the  demands? That is what  we are ?guring out. This  is a movement, not a  protest.” — Alec Mitchell.  Wayne Lawrence /  INSTITUTE

“I came because I’m a broke motherfucker with no job. I got kicked out of college with  two classes left to graduate for owing $1,200. Student loans coming back in and I’m about to be  homeless. Instead of killing myself I came here to be with people in the same boat who are actually  doing something about it.” — Sarah Meunier. Wayne Lawrence / INSTITUTE

“I am here at Occupy Wall Street to ?ght against corporate greed. To raise my voice in  unity for the 99% of America, the working class. The 1% of corporations aren’t people, the 99% are  the people. I am here to ?ght for true democracy. I am here to ?ght peacefully in solidarity for the  rights of the world community.” — Rain, age 19, of Queens, New York. Wayne Lawrence / INSTITUTE

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