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Public Culture

An interdisciplinary journal of transnational cultural studies

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Recent Issues

  • Volume 27, Number 3

    Volume 27, Number 3

    Fall 2015

    Andrew Lakoff on Contemporary Vaccination Resistance; Ilana Feldman on the Question of Humanitarian Purpose; Josh Kun on the Musical Politics of Migrancy; Interview with Judith R. Walkowitz; and more...

  • Volume 27, Number 2

    Volume 27, Number 2

    Spring 2015

    Theresa MacPhail on the Paradoxes of Big Data; Arjun Appadurai on the Dynamic Materiality of "Mediants"; Amy Hinterberger and Natalie Porter on Viruses and Genomes as Sovereign Subjects; Interview with Talal Asad; and more...

  • Volume 27, Number 1

    Volume 27, Number 1

    Winter 2015

    Celebrities and Publics in the Internet Era
    Sharon Marcus, Guest Editor

  • Volume 26, Number 3

    Volume 26, Number 3

    Fall 2014

    Vicki Mayer Follows Film Location Signs Home in New Orleans; Rachel Sherman Leads Us through Artist Tino Sehgal’s This Progress; Andrew Herscher Surveys the Use of Satellite Imaging in Human Rights Advocacy; Interviews with Paul Rabinow and Lynn Hunt; and more...

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Public Culture is a reviewed interdisciplinary journal of cultural studies, published three times a year in Fall, Winter, and Spring for the Institute for Public Knowledge by Duke University Press. The journal's full archives are available online at

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